The biggest update for the popular battle royale game Apex Legends is almost ready for launch. We got important season one details for the launch on March 19 available for all platforms. A battle pass and new character are becoming available today. There was not a heads-up prior to the release, but details have been leaking before the official announcement.

The most significant component of season one is the release of the first character released since the game launched in February. There was some confusion, but he is launching with the season and battle pass but is not a part of the battle pass. Instead, he can be purchased separately. There are more details below on all the battle pass includes.

Release date and time

Respawn Entertainment confirms season one launches March 19 at 10 a.m. PT/ 1 pm ET / 5 pm GMT. The update might release with a patch implementing character hitbox changes.

What’s included in the Battle Pass?

Respawn Entertainment confirms season one launches March 19 at 10 a.m. PT/ 1 pm ET / 5 pm GMT. The update might release with a patch implementing character hitbox changes.

According to the year-one roadmap for the battle passes, there will be new weapons and loot like exclusive cosmetics. There will also be at least one new Legend character. Each battle pass includes 100 rewards: skins for characters, weapons, stat trackers, Apex Coins and more.

For season one, players can earn the Wild Frontier skin, five Apex Packs and 18 Wild Frontier Stat Trackers. Those who purchase the battle pass can get more loot, including instant unlocks of Lifeline’s Revolutionary skin, Wraith’s Survivor skin and Mirage’s Outlaw skin.

Among the rewards you can earn by leveling up the battle pass are Apex Coins, provided you make it to level 97. At that point you can earn 1000 coins, allowing you to buy the next battle pass without spending real money.

As for new weapons and items in the roadmap, Respawn has not shared any plans to introduce these yet. However, there could be surprises in store for us.


Respawn is offering two tiers of battle pass pricing. For 950 Apex Coins (about 10 dollars) you can get the standard battle pass. For 2800 Apex Coins you can purchase the battle pass bundle, granting you the first 25 levels instantly.

Xbox One and PC players might be able to get the battle pass for cheaper by subscribing to EA or Origin Access. Subscribing and then canceling the service will save you a few dollars and get you other rewards.

How it works

The first battle pass is centered around leveling up. There are no challenges yet, but that could be coming in future passes. In a blog post, Respawn explained that “Season one is about keeping it focused and allowing players to earn a lot of rewards at a great value. We’ll begin adding more and more innovations each season as we evolve the battle pass.”

In a Reddit post, Respawn stated “Basically there are now two progression paths–Player Level and Battle Pass Level. Battle Pass Level is earned similarly to Player Level–via playing the game and earning XP, with a few BP-only bonuses. Both tracks are separate and independent–so two reward tracks!”

New character, Octane

The new character is Octavio “Octane” Silva. Octane’s abilities include an adrenaline junkie ability, trading his health for speed, and has unlimited Stim health supplies. His ultimate ability is a launch pad, giving him and his teammates a serious boost. Respawn teased the ultimate ability by littering launch pads around the in-game map before the official announcement.

Octane is being released with the battle pass but is a separate purchase. He will cost the same as other purchasable characters like Mirage and Caustic.

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