With the recent ‘leak’ of a new legend for Apex Legends I think it is time we revisit the character guides to continue our breakdowns of each character. Caustic was one of two unlockable characters that launched with the game just a few weeks ago. Caustic is a dark and mysterious character that seems to thrive on death in the name of science. His traps are an arguing point for fans of the game but when used effectively can make all the difference.

Not Just Passing Gas

Excluding his ultimate ability, Caustic can set out a total of six gas traps anywhere on the map. Now how you use them can make all the difference. They are on a timed respawn, so, Caustic can throw three out but they have to recharge over time. When triggered they slow enemy characters and make them cough. Usually making them an easier target.

Now, be aware they will also slow down your teammates, so make sure they are not in the gas area.

A great play to utilize Caustic’s traps is to set three of them in front of the doors to a building you are in denying easy access to enemies. The enemy will have to kick the doors in and yes it will break the original traps, but that’s why you set the other traps next to the door hidden from view. Make sure your teammates are on the second floor to provide cover fire or pick off the enemies as they kick the door.

Another thing I like doing is to throw traps in random buildings after you move through them, or even hide them around the map. It is a nice way to let you know if you are being followed. The tough part is knowing which trap is missing. If you get too far from them you will no longer see your traps, but they will still be there and still deal damage.

Smoke ’em Out

Using Caustic’s ult can be a little tricky. He needs to throw out a canister full of his deadly gas that will fill an area, either at a distance or up close. It’s a stronger concentrate of what is in his gas traps and will deal more damage than the bigger gas cans.

The best advice I can tell you is to either use it as a scattering effort to try to separate a team by launching the canister into the group or you can use it to flank an enemy team that is already in a firefight and possibly steal the kills. I kind of hope Caustic gets a slight buff to these, I think they don’t deal enough damage and are easy to escape.

Locked and Loaded

Choosing a loadout for Caustic has been a little tricky. He can use the LMG to spray into enemies trapped in his traps and ult. On the opposite side of that crafty players can set traps and then sit at a distance with a sniper and pick enemies off as they set off traps. Using his traps with a shotgun is also highly effective, so at best at least Caustic players can have a little range as to how they approach a fight.

As far as a secondary goes you can never go wrong with a R-301 carbine it is amazing in any situation. Close range it can pump bullets into enemies or in single-fire it can deal decent damage at a distance. If all else fails make your own combo of what is above. Run a shotgun and a Spitfire, or even a sniper and a peacekeeper.

Depending on who you ask, Caustic can be seen as just an edgy mouthy scientist, who seems to have watched The Crow just one too many times in his life or a calculated, and dark minded scientist. Regardless of your views on him, Caustic can be an amazing addition to any team if he is in the right hands. If you have any tips for playing as Caustic let us know in the comments below.

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