Anthem released today for the second time, the first being for EA premium access members only, and the reviews from those early adapters hasn’t been pleasant. One YouTuber, who was sponsored by EA, had his review taken down and blacklisted by EA.

YouTuber Gggmanlives broke the news on his official Twitter account stating:

The review has been reuploaded without the EA sponsored watermark. In a conversation in private on Twitter conducted by Deputy Editor at VG247 Kirk McKeand reached out personally to Gggmanlives for some further information:

“I basically wasn’t allowed to say anything negative about the game if I also had the watermark in because the watermark means EA endorses it and shares it through the Game Changers network or something. I really don’t know what it all means. I was just told it was to be pulled down and was basically a breach of contract or something along those lines.

The confusing part is that GggmanLives was part of EA’s Game Changers program, a community partnership program that prides themselves on honesty. The community manager of the program, Lee Williams, has stated that GggmanLives has not been blacklisted but the video was taken down because of “conditions on disclosure sponsored weren’t met”.

This will surely add more fire to the evergrowing flame of negative reception EA has. The company already has a notorious reputation for putting monetization and loot boxes first, to the point of fighting governments about their policies against loot boxes.

Anthem is now available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Check out the 90-day roadmap here.

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