Metro Exodus is something special, even if it did take a while to grow on me. Having braved the wastelands for around three and a half hours all I felt was a hollow sense of almost enjoyment. I wanted more, I craved the horror elements I had been shown in the previous games. There was one part of the game that thankfully made me want to keep going. However, I won’t lie, one of the other aspects of the game that helped me soldier through was the achievements in the game. I’d like to share with you now some of my favorites from the list and talk about how to get them.

#9 – Righteous Vengeance – 15G

The description of this achievement is to kill ninety cannibals. It is actually surprisingly easy to get as there is an entire, deliciously, horror-filled level surrounding them. This was the level that pulled me back into the game. I felt the sense of urgency that I imagine Artyom felt as he saw his wife pulled away and knowing he had limited time to find her and the sense of satisfactory revenge as he slaughters his way back to her. It was funny, I hadn’t actually realized how many people I had fought until the achievement popped at the end of the level.

An easy spot to rack up some of the required kills is near the end of the level. A bunch of them swarm after the train as it pulls away. By that time, you should have a surplus of explosives (in theory), so, just toss those beautiful Molotovs and grenades to your heart’s content and the achievement should ping for you.

#8 – Join us on air – 5G

This is a wonderfully simplistic achievement that just requires players to find a tune on the radio. The players can actually get this within a few minutes of being on the Aurora. The player is tasked with finding a certain spot on the radio, in which, a transmission is being pushed through by the perceived government.

If you miss it the first time, fear not! After the player finds the transmission, they can use the radio again. They just have to wait for our dear Anna to get out of the way so you can go back to the table. After that, someone nearby should ask you to find some music. Sit at the table and tune the radio dial making the dial move to the right or left. At some point, you’ll hear the sweet melodies of music as well as a familiar ding of easy five gamerscore.

#7 – Martian – 5G

Another easy five gamer score can come early in the game to players who get wounded. The achievement requires players to just patch their mask. There is an option that pops in the field where Artyom places tape on his mask and that is apparently one way to get the achievement. How I got it was at a crafting bench where you can repair or improve equipment. Simply go into that menu and spend your crafting material to fix it and the achievement should pop.

#6 – Librarian – 40G

Currently this is sitting as a rare achievement on Xbox Live. That is for good reason too. This achievement requires players to find all seventy pages of the Diary. An achievement like this has been in every single Metro game and finding all of them can be a challenge even for the most adept collectors. The best piece of advice I can give you is to turn the difficulty down a bit and check every nook and cranny. Every book you see could be the next collectible you need.

#5 – Friend of the Crew – 15G

This one sort of plays with the morality system embedded in the game. In the grand scheme of things, simple actions do effect the outcome of the game. Shooting an enemy that has surrendered will gain you negative traction in the game. On the opposite side of that, doing the requirement for this achievement will have a positive impact on the Metro Exodus universe.

The achievement requires the player to do some side missions on the VOLGA level. The player needs to find a teddy bear for the little girl that is on the Aurora with the crew. She gives the player some instructions about a demon guarding it. It’s easy to figure out that it’s the one that is flying around the area and players just need to follow it and get the bear back from its lair.

The guitar, on the other hand, is with some thugs that make a camp about five hundred feet from the Aurora. The player must either sneak into the area and steal it, or you can go in and just kill everyone and take it. There is a moment that happens during it that can test the players morality. As you approach the camp the thugs are about to kill a hostage. As they are taunting him if you move quick enough you can distract them with a can toss and kill them, saving the man. Bring the guitar back to the train and fifteen more achievement points are yours.

#4 – Fisherman – 15G

There is a monster in the waters of the apocalypse. A few times in the story it tries to attack Artyom. The achievement is simple, kill the catfish. Clearly, this beast is worth hunting. If you spend any amount of time near the waters in certain levels you can easily find this beast and try to fight it.

#3 – Master of the Forest – 15G

Bears are scary, regardless, if they’re in a game or chasing you in the real world. This is an easy enough achievement to get. The achievement requires the player to stand their ground against the bear at the first encounter. So have no fear, put your hair up and square up with that bear. The one in Metro Exodus, please don’t go fight a real bear, odds are you will lose.

#2 – Guide – 40G

Stealth is important in the world of Metro Exodus, and players are going to need to do it perfectly if they are going to earn this achievement. It requires players to pass the research facility without killing a Blind One on the DEAD CITY level. All I can offer you for help is to stay low and keep your eyes open. Only 5% of players have unlocked this achievement so far, good luck.

#1 – Last Breath – 10G

Masochism can be fun in the right context. That’s how games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne have thrived. This achievement requires Metro Exodus players to run out of filters in a hazardous zone and craft a new one while they are suffocating. The best way to do this is to stock up on crafting materials and chemicals then run out into a hazard area and just let the time run down. I believe the max amount of time it takes is fifteen minutes or so.

Each filter will take a certain amount of time to run out so just listen for the beep of the timer or for Artyom to start gasping. Each time it happens, fasten a new one to the mask until all five are spent. Then as Artyom is gasping for breath and fading fast, pull out your backpack and craft one as fast as you can. The achievement should pop right away but if it doesn’t back out of the backpack and equip it.

It’s always worrisome when a game series tries a new direction. Metro Exodus leaves behind the cramped metro and some of the supernatural things that made the first two stand out among the tide of games. Be that as it may, the newest venture into the series does manage to circle back to what makes Metro work at its’ core. Metro Exodus is out right now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Still on the fence about it? Check out our review of it right here.

Are there any Achievements/Trophies that you enjoyed getting? Tell us in the comment section below.