Tecmo Koei’s social media wants to let you know that an Xbox One port of Nioh could happen. In a Tecmo Koei Europe Twitter thread about adding backwards compatibility for their Xbox 360 library to Xbox One, fans also wanted to ask about a Nioh port and Tecmo Koei responded back with an official answer.

Basically, if you want to see Nioh come to the Xbox One, you’ve got to to show some support. Be vocal and let them know on social media. If there’s enough demand, they may be willing to consider a port.

You can see the official Tweet for yourself below.

Nioh first released for PS4 on February 2017 and later came to PC around November 2017. The game was met with strong critical acclaim and has definitely earned a fan base, with a sequel on its way. Should it come to Xbox One, it’ll give even more gamers a chance to experience its brutal and challenging action.

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