So many people didn’t make it out of Raccoon City and with Resident Evil 2 2019’s latest DLC Capcom seeks to tell their stories. The Ghost Stories has players seeing what would have happened if these 4 survivors made it out. It’s a challenging gauntlet of difficult short campaigns that will test your mettle.

By Any Means

The Ghost Survivors has players taking control of 4 survivors who died in Resident Evil 2. This includes Robert the gunshop owner, Katherine the mayor’s daughter, HUNK’s ally Ghost, and Sheriff Daniel at the gas station. Each one of these campaigns begins with a short explanation of them surviving their death before starting the campaign. It offers a solid take on what these people would’ve experienced if they survived Raccoon City.

Run and Shoot

Each one of the campaigns, with the exception of Daniel which players like Resident Evil horde mode, plays similar to HUNK’s 4th Survivor adventure. Players are placed into a situation where they must head to their objective with limited supplies while being timed. This time players can scavenge supplies from infected wearing bug-out bags and vending machines that provide 1-item. These offer a bit of breathing room as these item locations are easy to spot.

Much of the campaigns rely on learning enemy positions, what items to use, and how to evade targets. 2 new enemies have been introduced to these campaigns including a poison zombie and the pale man. The poison zombie is self-explanatory but the pale man can run faster than other normal infected and can regenerate, making it a tougher foe to defeat.

Each of the campaigns carries a specific theme such as Robert dealing with more poisonous enemies, Katherine having to locate keys, Ghost running and gunning his way to freedom, and Daniel surviving 100 zombies. These are not easy missions and you’re going to die. Capcom has not included a quick reload option or the ability to pause mid-attack, meaning restarting can become an annoyance.

Other issues from the campaign are still here such as run speed and inconsistent damage. You can shoot enemies point-black and they can still charge through and the infected can run faster than specially trained soldier, somehow. These are minor issues for what is a fantastic set of campaigns.

Dead and Forgotten

The Ghost Survivors are an excellent alternative take on these 4 forgotten souls. Died in Raccoon City and their existence wiped Capcom has given players the chance to experience their lost stories. It’s a short and sweet take on the minor characters of the Resident Evil series showing not everyone can be like Leon and Claire.

Resident Evil 2 2019 The Ghost Survivors Review
  • Alternative Stories
  • Intense Challenges
  • New Enemies
  • Running Speed
  • Inconsistent Damage
  • Lack of Achievements / Trophies
8Overall Score
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