The writing’s been on the wall for some time, but the PlayStation Vitais just about at the end of its console life. The latest nail on the coffin is an announcement that Sony is planning to discontinue the remaining models in production for the Japanese market.

Currently, the black and aqua blue models are the only models being sold. However, both of their official pages now feature a notice that states, “Scheduled models are to end soon.” A date wasn’t given, but Gematsu suggests that it could happen in two months if it follows the same pattern as the end of the PlayStation 3’s production.

Nothing has been confirmed for the west. However, at this point, discontinuation is only a matter of time. By May 2018, physical copies of PS Vita games were discontinued in both America and Europe.

For now, nothing has been confirmed in regards to a successor to their lineup of handheld consoles. The end of the PS Vita may mark the end of a handheld era for Sony.

Would you like to see Sony return to the handheld market? If so, what would you like to see in a successor to the PS Vita? Let us know!

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