Do you love quirky Visual Novels (VNs)? Is there a chance you are into classic monsters? Do you love puns, cursing, dating, and high school? If you answered yes to one or all of these questions do yourself a favor and go buy Monster Prom, but, more importantly you should pick up the new Second Term DLC. Honestly, even if you answered no to most of those it is still worth your time. Check out when Those Awesome Guys are bringing to the table with the Second Term DLC.

More, I Must Have More!

If you played the Monster Prom base game you know exactly what you are in for. You still choose one of four base characters and then you try and date some on the monsters in your school. Maybe you will choose to chase after the hipster vampire or the smart, rich gorgon. Whichever you choose, know that you are in for some sexy, hilarious times.

The Second Term DLC is just more of the first. It includes two new characters for you to try and romance, Zoe and Calculester. You’ll try your best to sweep one of them off their feet, along with all the others from the base game. So, choose either the fan-fiction writing, adorable, god of the Lovecraftian nightmares or the hunky, soul-less, robot with a computer for a head.

It isn’t just those two cuties whom you are trying to win the affection of. Your old classmates are back with ten new secret endings, new NPCs, and an additional 120 events. All, of which, are just as sexy and hysterical to play.

Sure, some endings can be rotten, no one likes rejection, but that is when you get right back up on your undead horse and ride once more to win the heart of your prom date!

So Much Wonderful Inclusion

The best part about this game and its DLC is the inclusion of everyone. You can pick your pronouns (his/him she/her, or they/them), and you can choose to chase any relationship you see fit.

My very first run through of the DLC was my non-binary Bride-of-Frankenstein Monster chasing after Zoe (the new Lovecraftian god). Unfortunately, I botched that completely and she thought I was lame. My second playthrough though I nailed it (and her)!

They may not show the sexy times in the game but they very much allude to it. Teenagers have sex. These are teen monsters with no human ‘moral’ system, so, all bets are off. There is also a number of routes that will get you a sexy-time cell phone pic (I mention this only so the cool kids know not to play in front of your parents).

It is actually really refreshing to see. It is probably a topic that many people, especially those in the LGBTQ+ community, rarely talk about. When you got the outcome you wanted (gay or straight) it was always just the most adorable thing. Conversely, it was always shitty and terrible when you didn’t get to take your crush to the prom. Just like in real life!


There is a great time in the Second Term DLC for Monster Prom. If you played and enjoyed the first one, this is an absolute must buy. If you didn’t play it, what is wrong with you? Please go to the Steam store and pick it up, both the base and the DLC.

The art is wonderfully drawn which makes the game feel inviting. There really is never a dull moment while you explore the school and the thousands of playable options. The voice acting has some pretty well-known folks, including Casey Mongillo, Jacksepticeye, Ross O’Donovan, Brizzy, and Felicia Day. Monster Prom: Second Term is a sweet, feel-good, and entertainingly self-aware game that I never want to stop playing!

You can purchase Monster Prom (the base game) on Steam for $12. The Second Term DLC is also available now for $6.

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