Kingdom Hearts III has a more content after you finish the core campaign, with optional bosses with larger level and weapon requirements. If you need an extra boost we have the perfect leveling guide for you. This guide can only be used after reaching the final boss.

First, you’ll need Ultima Weapon for this method to properly work or you can use the Mirage Staff. Head to Arendelle’s Lower Tier save point. Take a left and airstep to the top of the cliff. Take another left and access the Battlegate 9.

You’ll face a horde of Nobodies here, use the Ultima Weapon’s Link attack to kill everything. This will replenish your Focus meter to perform the attack again. When the boss appears, using a large sword, use Firaga to kill it quickly since it’s weak to fire damage.

Start replaying this Battlegate to reach level 99 within 2 hours.

Kingdom Hearts III is now available for PS4 and Xbox One. Check out our review here

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