Kingdom Hearts III has a lot of optional minigames and 7 of them are available through Heartless dawning fruit crowns that can be found around the worlds. Here’s their locations.

Cherry Flan – Olympus

This Flan can only be found after completing the level. Head to Overlook and take the stairs on the right. You’ll find it at the top.

Strawberry Flan – Toy Box

Located in Toy Box, this Flan can be found in the Red Level in the Rest Area.

Blood Orange Flan – Kingdom of Corona

Head to the Tower save point and out the cave. You’ll see the Flan on the left when you exit.

Banana Flan – Monstropolis

Head to Basement and take the door on the right to the Door Vault. Head down the hallway till you hit the wall of downs. Take the door on the left, the brown one, and take the hallway on the left to the lucky emblem and flan.

Grape Flan – Arendelle

Head to the Mountain Ridge and by the Moogle is a secret path. Head to the left and you’ll fall towards the Grape Flan.

Watermelon – Caribbean

This one is easy. Just head to Port Royale’s Fort. It’s in the middle.

San Fransokyo

Head to South District at Night, from the save point make a 180 turn and climb the John Fashion Center, airstep to the Radio Tower, and leap to the building on the right to see the Flan.

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