The next few months of the game industry are pretty packed with new and exciting games that will push the envelope for the industry. With that in mind, and this month having a made up commercial holiday that is designed to pray on the love and generosity we should give to partners every day of the year instead of this dumb month all the while making those of us not in relationships feel completely aware of how alone we are, you know what? I forgot where I was going with that, this month take care of yourself, treat yourself to some of the games below.

Apex Legends (PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4)

This game from Respawn Entertainment came from out of nowhere and is dominating the industry. I am currently so in love with it I feel like I need to write a breakup letter to Overwatch. It takes away a lot of what currently annoys a lot of fans of the battle royale genre. There’s no dumb building, guns are pretty balanced, there is a low chance of being killed from across the damned universe (scowling at you PUBG), and most importantly there are legend characters that are all unique and bring a ton of personality to the battlefield.

As it sits now, teams of three all choose a character and decide where to drop in. Part of what makes this game stand out (among all the other things it does right) is the in-game ping system. It is so fleshed out players don’t really need a mic. You can convey almost any needed info through the ping system which is great, because I have friends who don’t like to talk to any random people in the lobby.

If you want to know more about the game and its’ outstanding characters feel free to check out some of the guides we have put out! Better yet grab the game right now for absolutely free. You don’t have to spend any money on it. Everything is cosmetic and can be grinded in-game, even the unlockable characters. The game already has a one year road map laid out for it and I am excited to see where it takes the game.

Sea of Thieves (PC, Xbox One)

Don’t believe the naysayers when it comes to Sea of Thieves. It is a hidden gem if you have a crew looking for something to do together. Set sail, pillage, collect rewards for a contract, or just sail around sinking ships for fun to hear the unfortunate souls wail as they watch their bounties sink to the bottom of the sea. If that doesn’t float your boat you could just sail around fighting the supernatural skeleton monsters and the giant Megalodon and Kraken. Word to the wise though, you need to be well stocked for that. As much cannon balls as you can carry, bananas for health, all the boards you can grab to patch holes, that Megalodon will rip your ship to pieces. The game is mostly full price, but can be seen on sale for around thirty dollars, I recommend grabbing it and a few friends and setting sail.

Pick of The Month: Resident Evil 2 (PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4)

I didn’t have the same nostalgia that a lot of people did when this released. I never played the original, so, I went into this completely blind. Four playthroughs later and it is my new second favorite game in the series. The story, while cheesy (due to dear old father time), fills in a lot of gaps I had in the story. Not only that but it has a solid amount of replay time to it. Both Claire and Leon have A side and B side stories each one playing out differently than the previous one. Save locations will be different, weapons and pickups are a little different, Mr. X (or Tyrant) appearances are very different, and puzzles will be noticeably harder.

Since it’s release, the game has also had a bunch of updated content. On the fifteenth of this month, the game was updated with three new mini-campaigns, showing what happened to a few people that were in the town during the outbreak, the gun shop owner, the lady on the operating table, and an agent of Umbrella. There are also two unlockable modes in the game.

One of them is The 4th survivor, it follows the story of Hunk as he tries to extract from the botched mission in Raccoon City. It is a one-shot, no save, no pickup mission and it is difficult, to say the least. If you can beat it though, you unlock the tofu mode, which allows players to run through the game as a bar of tofu, which is way more fun that it sounds. You can grab the game now for full price on your platform of choice.

Pick of The Month II: Metro Exodus (PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4)

The third entry into this series definitely shows something new to the players. Metro Exodus takes players into the true wilderness of the apocalypse. Artyom has been trying to find proof of life outside the metro at any cost since the events of Metro: Last Light. It has brought him close to death on several occasions.

Due to plot points that I don’t want to give away, Artyom was right but not in the way they had hoped. The level where it all goes south after the crew follows Miller’s blind faith in finding the government was what hooked me into the game. There is also a lot more exploration in this entry and it kind of feels like a living, breathing apocalypse. Roaming the entire area is a bunch of monsters that are normal to the series along with a few ghoulish mutated humans. A day and night cycle has been added to the game and can greatly affect the stealth of a mission. Grab the game now for sixty dollars and find out if this could be the swansong for our dear Artyom.

Alright, I think we spent enough time talking about games, now go grab some of them and play them! At the very least you can enjoy Apex Legends one hundred percent free. I know I have been, I already put close to a hundred hours into it. Oh, also just worth noting for those of you who wanted a kid-friendly game, Crayola Scoot is currently just twelve dollars on Xbox Live. It feels like Splatoon and Skate had a weird baby that throws paint everywhere from its’ scooter. If you have any cheap game recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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