It’s been a long time since Dr. Mario’s last non-Super Smash Bros. appearance, but the doctor is back on duty. Nintendo recently sent a press release announcing Dr. Mario World, a new smartphone title targeted for a Summer 2019 release.

Dr. Mario World is the result of a new business partnership between Nintendo and LINE, the company behind the popular smartphone messenger application of the same name. The two companies will co-develop and jointly operate it together.

As you’d expect, Dr. Mario World will be a puzzle game. It’ll be released as a free-to-play title with optional micro-transactions (A micro-transaction a day keeps the doctor away, or perhaps gives him power-ups in this case). Nintendo and Line expect to launch the game in early 2019 with an initial launch that includes 60 countries and multi-language support.

Here’s Nintendo’s official statement regarding the partnership:

Nintendo continues to introduce unique entertainment products and characters like Mario to the world, establishing itself as a globally recognized brand that represents video game culture in the home entertainment industry. In 2016, Nintendo entered the mobile games business, creating even more opportunities for consumers to engage with Nintendo IP and reaching audiences beyond its dedicated video game platform business.
 “LINE”, under its corporate mission “Closing the Distance,” LINE is dedicated to creating a world that seamlessly connects people, information, content, and services anywhere, anytime, and at the most comfortable distance. In its endeavor to realize a self-contained Smart Portal strategy, LINE offers services in a variety of fields to its 165 million monthly active users in four key markets (Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia), where the userbase continues to expand.
 Utilizing both companies’ strengths, Nintendo and LINE will co-develop and jointly operate a new action puzzle game featuring Dr. Mario titled Dr. Mario World to be released by Nintendo. Dr. Mario World is targeting an early summer 2019 global release, including in Japan and the United States.
 Together with Nintendo and LINE, NHN Entertainment, which has released and operated various online and mobile games, will take part in the development and operation of Dr. Mario World. 

Dr. Mario World will launch for Android and iOS in early summer 2019. Look forward to gameplay and release date information in the future.

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