Since its debut, Crackdown 3 was seen as the Xbox One’s saving grace since the system was starved of exclusive titles. After numerous delays, many wondered if Crackdown 3 would become vaporware but perhaps it should’ve been. Crackdown 3 is a collection of antiquated mechanics, tedious gameplay, and a broken multiplayer.

The Evil Company

Crackdown 3 takes place years after the events of Crackdown 2 with the city of New Providence in control of an evil corporation called Terra Nova. As an Agency agent, you’re charged with killing the leaders of Terra Nova and reclaiming the city for the people. The story is shallow and uneventful, with stale characters that are short-lived and never manifest into anything meaningful. By the end, most players will have predicted the main villain’s desires.

Do it 100 Times

Much of Crackdown 3’s gameplay focuses on busy work. This includes collecting colorful orbs to boost your agent’s abilities, clearing enemy bases, and defeating a boss for each section of the city. You’ll repeat the process till the end of the game.

While the city of Providence has distinct areas everything is covered in a blanket of tedium. The campaign is saturated with collectables, ranging from stat boosting orbs to agent DNA samples that unlock new avatars. With the exception of the boss battles, everything plays like the original Crackdown.

The leveling system is barebones. Gaining enough orbs using specific actions such as driving, strength, shooting, and agility will unlock new tiers of that specific skill. But without unique objectives, these skills are only used to perform the same tasks. Running through Providence does offer some thrills as you leap from building to building but this quickly loses its appeal. The superhuman agility and jumping also makes driving obsolete after obtaining the air-dash since it takes longer to drive somewhere.

There are 20 different weapons to choose from but most are unnecessary. You’ll encounter hordes of the same enemies throughout the game and all of them fall easily. The Pulse Rifle can shred through enemies with ease but the developers have done a good job of encouraging momentum in fights. Since you earn shielding and health for each kill you’re constantly encouraged to seek out a new target quickly.C

Lock-On in Competitive Multiplayer!?

The multiplayer mode called Wrecking Crew is a disaster. There are 2 modes, Territories and a kill confirmed mode called Agent Hunter. What makes the multiplayer such a disaster is the ability to lock-on enemy players and see everyone’s location. Most matches are one-sided, with multiple players targeting a single enemy player and destroying them.

What Happened?

Crackdown 3 does improve the franchise nor does it deliver a modern open world experience. Much of the game is focused on tedious objectives while completing a shallow story. The multiplayer is a calamity of auto-aim deaths where skill is thrown out the window. Crackdown 3 is a 2007 game trying to live in a 2019 world.

Crackdown 3 Review
  • Solid Third-Person Combat
  • Superpowers
  • Antiquated Gameplay
  • Meaningless Collectables
  • Multiplayer
4Overall Score
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