Back in October, developers of Bit.Trip and Runner3 confirmed a new Bubsy game called Bubsy: Paws of Fire that follows the formula of Commander Video’s title. However, the developers are looking to add more DLC but needs the help from the community. With a Kickstarter starting tomorrow to fund the DLC plans.

The campaign will go live tomorrow at 10 AM PT and is seeking money to add new costumes, themes, and levels such as Commander Video as a playable character. The campaign will have tiers with $2 you’ll get Bubsy Two-Fur, donating $10 will garner supporters Bubsy: The Wollies Strike Back, and those willing to give $20 dollars will get Bubsy: Paws on Fire when it launches sometime in April 2019. Higher tiers add even more digital rewards, though a $50 pledge will get you a physical copy of Paws on Fire.