Loading up that first match in Apex Legends or simply just playing a new character for the first time can seem incredibly daunting. Each character is so shrouded in individuality and has their own pros and faults to learn it’s easy to struggle with them for a while. Let’s take a look at one character in particular that can be a little bit of a struggle to pick up and learn. Below is a quick guide on getting to know the Wraith character.


The Wraith character is best used to flank and offer supportive fire for your team. The best way to use her abilities is to be at the back or middle of the group scanning the area as your team moves forward. Her void walk ability is extremely useful for getting in and out of a fight. The void walk allows The Wraith to go invisible and sprint to a new location so long as the power isn’t on cool down. It might seem obvious to some, but in the middle of a fire fight using that to get behind the enemy trio can change the tide of that fight.

Smart Loadout:

Feel free to play around with this and figure out what works best for you, but the best load out for the Wraith feels like it includes either the Hemlock or the G7 Scout (or a similar sniper rifle). The Hemlock fires heavy ammo which allows The Wraith to deal a slightly higher amount of damage at a distance. The G7 and its companions allow you to deal damage and pull attention slightly away from the group so your tank or whomever you are with can advance or pull out an ultimate ability. I highly recommend having your secondary weapon be a shotgun if you can find one. They can level whole teams if you are smart about your shots or in my case where they all came out the same doorway at some point.

Thinking With Portals:

This is a just a clarification tip for the Wraith’s ultimate ability! Her ult sets up a system of portals your team can use to move into or out of battle. The starting portal is set up from the exact spot you start the ult. The last part of the portal does not appear until you stop moving and exit the ult. Make sure you are where you want to be tactically before you end. I know that is obvious but I feel like passing that knowledge on because I as well as many other Wraiths that I have seen thought she sent out the portal instead of walking between the set up points. So the portal ended up only moving players about two feet. Don’t make that mistake.

Bonus Tip:

Aim for the planes in the sky! You can land on some of them and they have loot!
Landing on the plane:

Apex Legends is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and is one hundred percent free to download! With an already pretty diverse cast both tactically and physically there is sure to be a ton of content on the horizon. Look forward to more guides in Apex Legends soon! Let us know down below in the comments your tips and tricks for playing Wraith!

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