Piranha Plant, Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s oddball roster addition, is finally playable. It’s winning over the hearts of many players and it’s defined a unique niche and play style among the game’s many fighters.

However, following the 2.0.0 patch that added Piranha Plant, players ought to be very careful. There’s a glitch that is currently corrupting players’ save data.

Players on Reddit and Twitter report that by choosing Piranha Plant in All-Star mode may crash the game. In doing so, you risk the possibility of ruining your save files.

Piranha Plant isn’t the only character who, literally, is breaking the game. By choosing Duck Hunt or the Mii Swordfighter in Century Smash, a similar glitch allegedly occurs.

For now, try your best to avoid using these characters in the aforementioned modes and wait for Nintendo to resolve the glitch. If you are affected by the save glitches, you can restore your data safely by using previous Super Smash Bros. data from Save Data Cloud Backup.

Piranha Plant is available now to players who have registered their copy of the game and received a download code from Nintendo. If not, you have until January 31 to register your copy and receive this fighter for free.

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