Kingdom Hearts III early copies are floating around and while Square Enix is doing its best to pull any leaked information the company has taken extra steps to ensure that the epilogue isn’t revealed. So much that it’ll be patched in with update 1.01 days after the game launches.

Of course, the patch is also meant to fix bugs and add a gallery mode called Memory Archive but the major addition is the epilogue. Players will need to complete the game and even then complete certain tasks to unlock the Secret Video.

As with early copies, it isn’t common for people to upload spoiler content to maximize clicks. However, there are added measures that people can use to avoid being spoiled, such as avoiding platforms like YouTube and not plugging in words relating to Kingdom¬†Hearts in search engines to prevent the algorithm from recommending content based on that. Overall, users have to take extra steps to avoid spoilers of any kind.

Kingdom Hearts III launches this January 29th for Xbox One and PS4. Check out our hands-on preview here.

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