The first puzzle players will take part in Resident Evil 2 2019  is the 3 medallion statue. You can search for the clues or just head straight to the statues and use the codes we’ve provided for you. Both Path A and 2nd Run have unique codes.

Path A

  • Lion statue – lion, leaf, bird
  • Unicorn statue – fish, scorpion, jug
  • Maiden statue – maiden, bow, snail (the most damaged piece)

After rescuing the officer in Path A you’ll get the book that instantly tells you the solution for all the statues.

  • Lion – Located at the top of the main hall
  • Unicorn – Location Located by the Library. Head inside from the Main Hall and on the left at the base of the stairs is a door. Head inside and you’ll see the statue on the left side.
  • Maiden – You need C4. Locate the battery in the STARS office on the desk located on the left side when entering the room. The electronic gadget can be found in the operations room. When entering, the door on the right side of the room has a chain you can break. Combine the items and head to the West Storage room found on the top of the stairs of the library. On the left, from entering, is the statue, a bag to expand your inventory, and a note from a disturbed person. Before you set the charges, prepare yourself. A Licker and zombie will appear when you try to leave and a bookshelf will block the door to the library. 

Once you have all the medallions head to Martin and place the items in the sockets.

Path B

The statues are in the same location but the puzzles have changed. The book no longer has all the solutions but you don’t need to find a scrap of paper or developed film. Here are the solutions:

  • Lion statue – crown, sconce, bird
  • Maiden statue – ram, harp, bird
  • Unicorn statue – children holding hands, scales, worm

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