Surprise, William Birkin is back and he has a new form. Like every time Goku gets a new form this one is more powerful. However, we have a strategy to defeat this mutated monster.

Birkin has 3 eyes that must be destroyed before his weak point is exposed; one on his back, left leg, and right shoulder. Like before, remain outside his swinging range and unload on the mutant. Willian will periodically throw containers at you but simply break his line-of-sight to avoid this. When all 3 eyes are destroyed, his weak point inside his chest will be exposed. Fire everything you have and if you need ammo or health, there’s some scattered around the corners of the room.

At the end of the fight, Birkin will toss a large piece of the environment, walk to the corners to avoid it and expose his vulnerable chest indefinitely but attack more frequently. Shoot and throw everything at his chest to talk down the mutant scientist. 

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