Resident Evil 2 2019 has you facing a lot of deadly enemies but William Birkin is one of the most deadly monsters in the game. Here’s how to defeat him during the first encounter.

Regardless if you’re Leon or Claire or playing Path A or 2nd Run the battle will proceed the same. William is a close range fight and very quick, keep your distance and use your sidearm to shoot his head to stun him and expose the eye on his right shoulder. This is the weak point and you should unload everything on that eye. If you run short of supplies you can replenish some at the corner of the map.

William will continue to chase the player, swinging his pipe when close enough and damaging the steam pipes around. The goal is to keep your distance and only take shorts when you can. Memorize a specific route and keep the camera facing William while you run towards it. When you aim and shoot you can then quickly run away, maintaining distance. Keep up the assault and William should fall.

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