Resident Evil 2 2019 is full of deadly monsters and every bullet and healing item is paramount to your survival. Good news though, there’s powerful items hidden throughout. The bad news is that some of them require combinations, but we have the codes.

Leon’s Desk

Once you gain access to the main office of the RPD, where a sign welcoming Leon, there’s a pair of locks on Leon’s Desk. This was supposed to be his first mission, learn his fellow officer’s names and unlock the desk for a special upgrade for his sidearm.

Right Lock: MRG
Left Lock: NED

Locker Combinations

3rd Floor of RPD above the Safe Room: DCM
2nd Floor Shower Room: CAP
Upper Sewer Control Room by the door: SZF

Safe Combinations

West Office 1st Floor: Left 9 Right 15 Left 7
2nd Floor Waiting Room Safe Combination: Left 6 Right 2 Left 11
Sewer Treatment Pool Across from Train Car: Left 2 Right 12 Left 8

Portable Safes Location:

Each button represents a light, simply press the buttons in order to make a completely lit circle without skipping a light.

Path A

Shower Room
Linen Room next to STARS Office, Requires Pink Diamond key

Path B

Interrogation Room Below Chief’s Office
Linen Room next to STARS Office, Requires Pink Diamond key