Ysbryd Games offered some truly unique demos at Pax South. The two I sat down and had a chance to play truly embody what it means to be an indie game in today’s market. Encompassing worlds, fascinating combat systems, and intriguing stories all added up to some of the most stand-out games of the show.

Yiik: A Post Modern RPG

Yiik: A Post Modern RPG is actually out right now on several platforms, so if this coverage piques your interest feel free to go grab it. The story to Yiik: A Post Modern RPG follows protagonist Alex as he tried to locate a woman who went missing right before his eyes. The demo I was able to play focused solely on one area of the world where Alex went to help someone out who reporteda local acting strangely‘. She had abandoned her kids, she also claimed to be pregnant despite being a ‘widow, who mostly sat at home all day.’ The gentleman Alex spoke to about it all actually joined the party as an ally and fought alongside Alex in the surprisingly satisfying and super simplistic turn-based combat.

Speaking of the combat system, while it is turn-based there are some clever little mini-games to try to keep any sort of monogamy of that play style at bay. Alex, for instance, uses a turn table as his main weapon. Hitting the proper button in the yellow area will indicate how much damage Alex will do on his turn. Hitting the red area will grant Alex an extra chance at damage, so skilled players can potentially do monumental amounts of damage to enemies. Incoming attacks can also be dodged or damage reduced if players are quick enough to react.

The enemies themselves are also unique. At one point, I was fighting a weird three faced entity trying to free some weird baby statue thing that the widow thought was her baby, I think. There was also a mermaid who had me fight weird some odd creatures before giving me a quest to free her babies. Needless to say Yiik: A Post Modern RPG is definitely something unique in the RPG genre. It kind of manages to have that same niche and ‘cult following’ feeling of Deadly Premonition, just with more cartoonish graphics.

World of Horror

World of Horror is a point-and-click game that was as interesting as it was quick. I managed to get through one of the demos (the developer relayed that there were a ton of routes and stories in the game) in about ten minutes.

The story followed a girl who found a classmate’s notes about some sort of evil demon that if I followed correctly took the place of their history teacher. The girl then explored the school trying to find everything needed for a banishing ritual in the school. This often led to some turn-based combat that, while it needed some work, was pretty well founded. The only work it really needs was a more obvious indication of knowing that I had picked up a weapon or not before combat. I saw no notification that I had ever picked one up and actually went into every fight and kicked ghosts and demons to death.

Which, as comical as it was, made fights a little more challenging than they needed to be. Aside from that, the demons were creepy, the atmosphere was dark and enjoyable.

World of Horror isn’t quite done yet but players should look forward to its’ full release later this year.

Both of these games were pretty well done. I actually enjoyed Yiik: A Post Modern RPG way more than I thought I would. Whether you’re a hardcore horror fan or a lover of RPGs, Ysbryd Games had something for everyone at Pax South.

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