Blowfish Studios brought a plethora of games to show off at Pax South. They showed off the brand new Obey Me, which I sadly did not get to spend any time with. I did get the chance to play the games below and they were all pretty solid time killers.

JackQuest: The Tale of The Sword

JackQuest: The Tale of The Sword follows the story of Jack, a man on the quest of getting his girlfriend back after a portal opened up and grabbed her. He and his, bigger-than-him, sword are out to do just that in this wonderful little platformer. There requires a certain finesse to some of the platforming in this game.

The developer who watched me play said sometimes the best thing to do is to jump directly at the spikes or whatever was in front of you and try to catch that tiny little edge before the spike and use that to start your next jump. The game, while being simple overall, employs navigational challenges like that quite well into the world and is sure to be an excellent adventure, players can grab right now. I recommend grabbing it on the Switch. It played really well on that device during my demo with it.

Minesweeper Genius

Remember that game about navigating a minefield that had no real visible strategy to it but ultimately consumed your time if you didn’t feel like playing pinball on your PC? Blowfish Studios took that game and made it much more exciting and addicting. The entire goal is to guide your little character through the entire minefield while only having three lives per level. If you finish with all your lives you will ‘three-star the level’, finish with just one and you get a one star.

Sounds easy enough right? Don’t be so sure, as the developer added platforms that do all sorts of wacky things to the game field. One of them flips the entire board often leading the player closer to the end. I believe there was one that flung you past several platforms to avoid bombs. The game is out right now on iOS and Android, however, there we are still awaiting the Nintendo Switch release date. If you are looking for an excellent time killer for things like doctor’s offices, in between shows, or even other games, Minesweeper Genius is a great way to do it.

Projection: First Light

Projection: First Light was based on the Japanese art of shadow puppetry. Players guide the protagonist around themed two-dimensional worlds with the help of this ball of light. Players will need to place the light certain ways to cast shadows for the character to walk up or jump too.

It is a really creative and intuitive way to guide a character around a world even if it requires some getting used minefield. Keep an eye out for lanterns that may all sorts across the level. Players will need to put their light inside of that to trigger world events or form bigger platforms for the character.

The game can feel a little hectic at times, surprisingly. There were a few times where panic reactions to something happened led to quick three-star with the light and barely making it to the new objective. The game has a 2019 release, so keep an eye out for the game as the year continues.

Blowfish Studios showed up with a lot to show off. They even handed me a flyer with some of the games that are in the pipeline and if they are half as enjoyable as the games I played at Pax South, players should definitely look out for them in the months to come.

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