Overwatch launched a new update today, January 8. Included in the update is a new hero event, available until January 21. D.va was the first hero to get an event, and now it is Ana’s turn. The event is based on the new short story Bastet, published on the 7th.

During the event, players can earn special cosmetics for Ana in the arcade. For every three games won, you’ll get a new item. For three wins, a player icon; six earns a victory pose; and nine wins an epic Bastet Ana skin. You can also earn five challenge sprays by watching promoted Twitch streamers during the event. You can find those here.

The update also has new skins for the Overwatch League. Atlant Reign, Chegdu Hunter, Guangzhou Charge, Hangzhou Spark, Paris Eternal, Toronto Defiant, Vancouver Titans, and Washington Justice are the skins now available. You can get each one for 100 OWL tokens. The 2019 season starts on February 14.

The Bastet short story is still sparking conversations on social media about Soldier 76 being confirmed as gay. This makes the second LGBT character in Overwatch lore, second to Tracer and her girlfriend Emily.

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