Nintendo Switch and 3DS owners rejoice: Nintendo games are now being sold in the Humble store. The company behind the Humble Bundle is known for donating a portion of purchases to charity. The Nintendo Humble Store will include games, expansions, season passes, and subscriptions.

Humble is selling new Switch releases like Super Smash. Bros Ultimate and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. On 3DS, they are offering a list of classics like mainstream Pokémon role-playing games and NES titles like The Legend of Zelda.

More than 40 Nintendo games and add-ons are available in the Humble store. Unfortunately, the offer is only available to those in the United States. Account holders receive a $5 discount on Nintendo games $19.99 and up via email. That should make the paid online subscription a little easier to manage. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Nintendo games are qualifying for charity or Humble rewards.

This isn’t the first time Humble and Nintendo have worked together. In the past, the pair have put together indie-focused Humble Bundles. The first featured Wii U and 3DS games including Guacamelee and SteamWorld Dig. The second Nintendo Humble Bundle released in 2016.

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