Since the debut of the Super Crown and Bowsette fans have taken to the internet to spread the character far and wide. But it looks like that the Super Crown Bowser isn’t canon as Nintendo has confirmed the power-up that debuts in New Super Mario Bros. U can only be worn by Toadette.

The information comes from Nintendo themselves on the official New Super Mario Bros. U page that lists the Super Crown as an item only available to Toadette and meant for beginners by providing floating and double-jumping.

Providing handicap options for players needing an extra helping hand isn’t new from Nintendo. In Donkey Kong Country Returns Super Kong can be used if the player dies enough, allowing the CPU to complete the stage and the Silver Tanooki Suit in Super Mario 3D Land would provide invunerability when active.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe releases exclusively on Nintendo Switch on January 11.

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