The official Marvel Games Twitter page has sent a not-so-subtle tweet strongly hinting at the fact that DLC related to the Fantastic Four is soon to be added to Sony’s PS4 exclusive Spider-Man.

“And for our final #FantasticFourWeek livestream announcement… something ‘fantastic’ is coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man!” the tweet reads. “Any guesses?”

At this time, it is unclear as to how exactly Marvel’s First Family will be represented on the popular Spidey title. However, fans do already have a set of educated guesses.

For starters, some are suggesting that the Baxter Building, the Fantastic Four’s legendary headquarters, will be added to the game’s version of New York City alongside all the other Marvel landmarks/easter eggs.

Baxter Building

Additionally, seeing as how Marvel’s Spider-Man has certainly not been shy regarding the amount of bonus/DLC costumes available in the game, fans also feel safe in the assumption that Fantastic Four-related Spider-Man suits will be added to the game as well, such as Peter Parker’s Future Foundation suit or the costume he wore when he was forced to become the “Bombastic Bagman.”

Future Foundation Suit
Bombastic Bagman Suit

However, this is merely speculation. And for the time being, players will simply have to wait and see how Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm make their presence felt in the world of Insomniac’s Spider-World.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is now available for PS4. Check out our review of the core campaign here and The City that Never Sleeps here.

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