Life is Strange 2 has had a strongly positive reception since its launch back in 2018 thanks to a powerful narrative and difficult choices. Life is Strange Episode 2: Rules attempts to maintain the momentum of the first episode but fumbles a few times before ending with a giant bang.

Rules Are Needed

Episode 2 has Daniel and Sean attempting to survive the Winter. Things such as food, water, and shelter have become problematic but the brothers have solved the issues for now. The biggest obstacle is in Daniel’s powers. Sean is attempting to not only teach Daniel how to handle his abilities but establish rules to prevent his brother from exposing or overwhelming himself.

The rules are basic such as avoiding detection and only using them in extreme circumstances but Daniel is a child and is thrilled about these gifts. Sean must act as a stern or relax brother, depending on the player to prevent Daniel was doing something extreme. Similar to the previous episode, Daniel will act based on Sean’s guidance.

The narrative does fumble a bit, for example, in the beginning a difficult yet out of nowhere situation just happens. It causes Sean to make a massive choice for Daniel but it the cause of the situation was unwarranted. It just happened.

The Snowball Effect

This episode does mark the return of Captain Spirit, or Chris, from the game’s prologue. His introduction, along with father and story, are organically placed within Chris’ tale. The 2 become fast friends, acting like children instead of broken kids from fractured homes.

Along with Captain Spirit you’ll be introduced to Sean and Daniel’s estranged grandparents. This opens a can of worms and the elderly couple doesn’t know how to handle the situation but makes the best of things. Past events such as Sean and Daniel’s mother, Daniel’s powers being exposed while with Chris, and other small choices don’t seem that impactful till the end. Where all your choices build up into an unstoppable event that can lead to one of many endings.

Why is Chris Floating?

The first episode didn’t have any major issues but episode 2 is another story. While nothing was game breaking graphical problems and issues with character models were frequent. During my playthrough Daniel’s model would dash across the screen and Captain Spirit would float in mid-air. It was definitely noticeable, as seen in the image above.

What Happens Next?

Despite the narrative fumbles and technical issues Life is Strange Episode 2: Rules is a strong installment in the series. The emotional tension is still here as both Sean and Daniel attempt to figure out their route following their father’s death and the fallout. Life is Strange 2 Episode 2 continues this difficult tale of 2 brothers surviving impossible odds successfully.

Life is Strange 2 Episode 2: Rules Review
  • Multiple Endings
  • Captain Spirit
  • Strong Narrative
  • Technical Issues
  • First Difficult Decision
  • Narrative Fumbles
8.5Overall Score
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