Bethesda launched a new patch for Fallout 76, which brought new gameplay tweaks, quality of life changes, stability in performance and a nerf to end-game builds and certain types of legendary weapons.

Source: Bethesda

Patch 5, as Bethesda likes to call it, launched on January 29th to address specific perks that were deemed too, with the dev’s commenting that they were “over-performing in their current roles” and to make them “more in line with similar perks to help prevent them from feeling like mandatory perks”.

Other notable changes are the connected to the Explosive and Two Shot weapon modifications, which have become the most powerful weapons in the wasteland, who’s damage has been reduced significantly. With these powerful weapons, it made the issue of duping in the game far worse with players gaining access to these weapons with ease.

Another significant change is the carry weight which is now capped at 1,500 pounds above your maximum player carry weight. The reason for this shift comes twofold: first, to improve server performance and secondly, to combat duping which has become rampant in the game.

There are other changes that can be viewed in the full patch notes including fixes to quest bugs and world-events. It will be interesting to see how Bethesda handles both duping, and their preparation for the larger update in March which will have both PvP and PvE components.


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