Jump Force is just around the corner for release by developer Bandai Namco. For those living under a rock, Jump Force is the new 3D fighting game coming out that smashes (most) of our favorite Jump Shonin animes together in one, from Dragon Ball Z to Yu Yu Hakusho. Many of the characters are just the top two that many would recognize, however a few anime’s were able to bunch in a few, such as One Piece and DBZ characters. The following list is some characters that I would still like to see make an entrance in either DLC or in a surprise announcement.

1. Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail

Natsu “Salamander” Dragneel is a wide-eyed idiot with amazing powers in the Fairy Tail guild from, yes, Fairy Tail. He is one of five dragon slayers from the show and he can breathe and eat fire This care-free, pink-haired fighter would be an amazing add to the list since he has so many great attacks.

  • Fire Dragon’s Roar –  Natsu’s signature Dragon’s Roar in which he quickly gathers and releases a large quantity of flames from his mouth at his target
  • Fire Dragon’s Claw – Natsu ignites his feet in flames, thereby increasing the power of his kicks. The flames can also be used for jet-propulsion purposes.
  • Fire Dragon’s Wing Attack – Natsu rushes towards his target and grabs them, before subsequently setting hands ablaze, sending them flying.
  • Ultimate – Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade – Natsu swipes his arms in a circular fashion, creating a powerful, and a highly destructive, torrent of flames that barrages his target.

2. Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail

Erza is an S-Class Wizard and on Team Natsu in the Fairy Tail guild. One of Natsu’s strongest allies. This girl can seriously kick ass and since Jump Force has one or two female characters, I think Erza would be a much-needed fit. She has what they call ‘Requip’ magic which means she can change her clothes, armor, and weapons at will depending on her situation. Each comes with their own special move so maybe putting her in-game would be hard to manage. She seriously is OP without a doubt. Here are some moves she could use.

  • Heaven’s Wheel Armor –Plated armor covers her chest and she has large metal wings that appear to be made of individual blades
    • Sword Requipping: Erza is able to summon a large amount of swords (roughly more than 200), and launch weapons at her opponent in a variety of different ways.
    • Blumenblatt: Erza will requip a mass amount of swords, and then charge at her opponent. She can send the swords she Requipped into the enemy at the same time.
  • Flame Empress Armor This armor is dark red with a breastplate with Dragon-like wings attached to it.
    • Fire Magic: This armor grants Erza the ability to shoot fire.
  • Ultimate – Celestial Armor: This armor takes the form with a whole lot of diamonds.
    • Grand Chariot: Erza conjures a humongous magic circle that shoots down magical energy that physically damages her target with it.

3. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo from
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo is the cool, and yet, totally unpredictable hero, swarthy and musclebound. He sports sunglasses and a large golden afro. His hair is actually 24-karat gold. This absurd character might not be the first choice on Bandai’s list but I would love to see him fight Luffy. His move list is just as weird as you might think since most of them use his nose hair. I wish I was joking.

  • Nosehair Snake Fist/Nosehair Cobra Pit: Bo-bobo sends a straight nose-hair into the opponent’s nostril, paralyzing him/her
  • Nosehair Festival/Booger Brigade: A battalion of boogers storms out of Bo-bobo’s nose and attacks the opponent.
  • True Fist of the North Snot: Strikes the enemy hard with multiple nose-hair.
  • Ultimate – Bo-bobo Union: Two robotic parts assemble to create a Bo-bobo Robot, which hits the opponent.

4. Kinniku Suguru from Kinnikuman

Kinniku is the main protagonist of the comedy wrestling manga Kinnikuman, you know, that big muscular guy that looks like he has a fish for a head, its a mask though, dont worry. Suguru fights Kaijū (giant monsters) by eating garlic and growing 30 meters tall. Despite his great strength and skill, Suguru is quite clumsy by nature. So he does really belong in the main character Shonin spotlight such as Luffy or Goku. Also having a wrestler with some sweet power moves would be an amazing twist from some of the ones already in Jump Force.

  • Burning Megaton Punch: Just a tremendously super strong punch.
  • Kinniku Buster: Places an opponent’s neck on his shoulder and grabs their thighs. Then jumping up into the air, he then lands in a sitdown position, causing damage to the neck, spine, and groin.
  • Kinniku Driver: Kinniku runs up to his opponent and places his head between their legs. He then leaps up, flips the opponent upside down, places his feet on the underside of their arms, and drives them into the ground.
  • Ultimate – Muscle Spark: Kinniku bounces his opponent off his chest and into the air. He then leaps up after them and gets behind them. He grabs their wrists. Wraps his right leg around their neck, and their left leg with his left leg, and pulls. As they fall, he gets back-to-back with his opponent and grabs their arms and hooks their legs with his. Right before they hit the floor, he arches his back, which causes his opponent’s body to fold up and drives their neck and knees first into the floor.

5. Toriko from Toriko

Toriko is an incredibly strong Gourmet Hunter, which, I won’t lie, is exactly what it sounds like. This guy is in search of the greatest foods out there in the world. Toriko is extremely muscular and exceptionally tall so he is able to hunt down the worlds most delicious food without breaking a sweat. While his adventures aren’t as weird as Bobobo-Bo’s, He would still be a hysterical fit into the Jump Force world. Think of all the new meals he will find on earth. Pretty sure Luffy would team up with him just for that. He uses his left hand for his ‘Fork’ ability and his right for his ‘Knife’ ability. I’m not even kidding.

  • Fork Nail Punch: A technique that combines the stabbing power of his Fork with the penetrative power of a Nail Punch, raising its overall piercing strength considerably.
  • Knife Nail Gun: By combining the cutting ability of his Knife to the piercing strength in Nail Gun, Toriko creates a powerful attack, capable of causing considerable damage.
  • Skewer Punch A technique where Toriko strikes a large ingredient (opponent in-game) with his Knife hand and creates a skewer of Appetite Energy that pierces through it.
  • Ultimate – Infinite Nail Punch: In his ‘awakened form’, Toriko gathers all the power obtained from the ingredients that he consumed on his past adventures and strikes his opponent with an uncountable amount of hits Nail Punch.

Those are my top five that I would love to see in Jump Force. These may never happen but we can all dream, cant we? Who would you like to see in Jump Force? Tell us in the comments below check back in with Gaming Access Weekly for all gaming needs.

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