2019 starts this week and while many of us are attempting to get through all the games released in 2018 it’s important to keep adding games to your backlog so you never run out of titles to play. 2019 has some incredible games coming soon, and some will release within the first couple of months of 2019. However, there are some games we’re specifically looking forward too. Here are our most anticipated video games of 2019.

5. Devil May Cry 5

To put things into perspective, this is an official sequel to Devil May Cry 4, which released in 2008; that’s 10 years ago. Now we finally get to see what happens to Nero and Dante.

Devil May Cry 5 won’t just be a sequel in terms of story but offer new enemies and a new character by the name of V to play as. It features the same incredible high-speed combat the series is known along with insane movements only capable of demonic warriors. Nero has become a lot more easygoing compared to his Devil May Cry 4 personality but Dante remains the same cocky egotistic warrior he has always been, and you can’t really blame him. Someone that cool and powerful, why wouldn’t you be cocky?

While it took forever for us to get a proper sequel to this beloved franchise Capcom has shown they have been working hard to ensure that Devil May Cry 5 lives up to every expectation the franchise is known for.

4. Gears of War 5

Gears of War 4 set into motion a brand new trilogy, with a new enemy and protagonists. While paying tribute to the original story Gears of War 4 was a great start to something great and Gears of War 5 is looking to build on that.

Taking a more personal take on the Gears of War 5 focuses on Kait and her connection to the Locust and now the Swarm. The gameplay has a more horror feel to it with increased focus on melee combat and darker more isolated situations than the high-action scenarios the franchise is known for. The Xbox One desperately needs a smash hit and with Crackdown 3 looking average at best perhaps it’s up to Gears of War 5 to give the Xbox One the acclaim hit it needs.

3. Days Gone

Sony has been on a hot-streak with their exclusive titles. 2018 saw incredible titles such as God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man which added more reasons to buy a PS4 or upgrade it to a PS4 Pro. Days Gone is looking to add another reason to that list with its intense survival experience featuring zombies known as Freakers.

This concept has been done before in hundreds of ways but as we’ve seen in titles such as The Last of Us and Resident Evil 7, if done correctly it can take the zombie-genre in a positive direction. While the gameplay shown has been medireo it does provide a sense of tension and constant stress as the player secures supplies and invades opposing camps. What adds to the experience is the cult that worships the Freakers called the Rippers. Can’t imagine what they do to their victims and members.

2. Resident Evil 2 2019

Since the release of Resident Evil 7 fans were ecstatic that Capcom decided to return to the roots of the franchise. Delivering stressful survival-horror situations where the player had to manage supplies while fending off hordes of monsters. Instead of creating a sequel Capcom decided to give Resident Evil 2, one of the companies best games, the modernizing treatment.

This is more than a simple remake with modern graphics, it adds new situations and levels that makes the entire experience distinct from the original. From the footage shown it’s clear Capcom isn’t toning down the gore, with dislocated jaws and the exposed flesh of dead survivors littering each environment. Capcom wants to show everyone that Resident Evil is still the top franchise in the survival-horror genre and Resident Evil 2 2019 is looking to accomplish exactly that. Check out our hands-on preview here.

  1.Kingdom Hearts III

It you thought Devil May Cry V took a long time Kingdom Hearts II released back in 2005 and now Kingdom Hearts III will finally release this January. After so long we’ll finally get a the full release and see how Sora’s journey will end.

After playing the title at E3 2018 for the first time it was well worth the wait. Featuring the same iconic active battle system coupled with all the systems from past installments allowed the combat to flow so smoothly. Most importantly, Square Enix has put more emphasis on flashy moves to ensure that something exciting is constantly happening. Most importantly, it carries the same charm and beautiful visuals the Kingdom Hearts franchise is known for.

What are you excited for in 2019? Let us know in the comments below!

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