Once of 2018’s biggest and strangest stories was regarding DeAndre Cortez’s (Soulja Boy) video game consoles. After attempting to enter the video game scene by reselling emulator Anbernic Chinese consoles, marked up, and preloaded with games from publishers such as Ubisoft, Activision, Nintendo, and many more Soulja Boy constantly stood firm that he had the authority to do this.

Recently, the rapper went on a social media storm by attacking YouTubers and Nintendo, using vulgar language and since deleting the tweets but not before people took screenshots and posted them everywhere. Now, despite Soulja Boy stating the consoles were remain on sale, the systems have been since removed and many are assuming it’s because of Nintendo.

According to Soulja Boy:

It’s unclear what this means but it’s likely that lawyers representing not only Nintendo but other publishers took action and Soulja Boy was forced to comply. Many are citing Nintendo for taking action because the company is notorious for taking swift and relentless action against anyone who uses their IPs without permission such as the shutdown of the not-for-profit fan-made games Pokemon Uranium and AM2R.

Regardless of the reasons the consoles have been pulled but you can get the same models by looking elsewhere. After all, these were Anbernic consoles, repackaged, and resold at a higher price for no other reason than it carried
DeAndre Cortez’s name.

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