A new trailer has been released offering a brief look at Anthem Legion of Dawn. BioWare dropped the trailer first on IGN.

The Legion of Dawn is a group of warriors who helped humanity survive at a critical point in history, according to the lore. The legion was lead by an unnamed female warrior. Sadly for us, the new trailer isn’t giving much away. You can check it out below.

Legion of Dawn is also the game’s most expensive so far. It comes with four unique skins for Anthem’s Javelins. The armor design is inspired by the Legion of Dawn. They also look more elaborate than the typical skins. The Legion of Dawn edition will also include the Light of Legion Weapon Skin.

Recently, BioWare has been revealing more about the world of Anthem. The developer recently showed a more story-heavy trailer. That showed the first proper look at the main conflict.

When can I get Anthem Legion of Dawn?

You can get Anthem Legion of Dawn on PC, PS4, and Xbox One when it releases on February 22.

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