Marvel’s Spider-Man excelled in a lot of categories. It provided an extensive story full of memorable moments and despite being littered with tedious collectables and challenge missions the excitement of playing Spider-Man overshadowed having to collect so many backpacks and beat-up hundreds of enemies. The City that Never Sleeps carries many of the same incredible attributes of the core campaign with new characters and an extensive adventure that serves as a bridge for the expected sequel. If you’re a fan of Marvel’s Spider-Man you must play this DLC.


The City that Never Sleeps is separated into 3 campaigns, each starring their own deuteragonist but all linked together. Black Cat, Yuri Watanabe, and Silver Sable take on the role as Spider-Man’s primary focus. Each campaign is full of exciting battles, memorable moments, and tedious collecting and challenges missions.

What each campaign excels at is the story. Each campaign provides an extensive narrative centered on not only providing a complete experience but bridging this game to the next. Everyone is wonderfully voiced and animated, with incredible attention to detail put into every scene. For the sake of spoilers, we cannot reveal much but what Insomniac has done an incredible job of teasing their next game in the series while also concluding this chapter.

Fight, Chase, and Collect

Much of The City that Never Sleeps follows the same formula in the campaign in terms of gameplay. Much of these situations are given a fresh coat of paint with different environments, new enemies, and powerful bosses. But eventually you begin to see holes within the DLC that were present in the campaign but ignored.

During the campaign, the player is tasked with collecting a huge amount of items and completing a lot of different challenges. Those are still present here but having to do them over and over again becomes frustrating. While of the missions give insight into specific characters motives and desires but other times you’ll have to plow through the same combat challenge or head across Manhattan for some item. Before the gameplay was strong enough to overshadow this annoyance but after 3 DLC campaigns of having to do this it becomes less tolerable.

The End and the Beginning

The City that Never Sleeps ends Marvel’s Spider-Man with a bang while also setting up for the next game. The vexation of having to collecting items and completing challenges does add up especially considering that their are more optional missions than main story missions. Regardless the incredible story, characters, and boss battles made each chapter a wonderful adventure. If love Marvel’s Spider-Man you’re doing yourself a disservice for not picking up The City that Never Sleeps.

Marvel's Spider-Man The City that Never Sleeps Review
  • Incredible Story
  • Bridges Marvel's Spider-Man to Sequel
  • Great Supporting Characters
  • Lots of Tedious Collectables
  • More Challenge Missions than Story Missions
9Overall Score
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