Silver Linings does a lot more than just end Marvel’s Spider-Man, it sets it up for the next game. With it comes a lot of cliffhangers, an exciting final boss battle, and more tedious collecting. Silver Linings is an incredible conclusion to this extensive 3-part campaign that no fan should miss out on.

Silver Sable on a Rampage

Like the previous 2 DLCs Silver Lining has a specific theme and deuteragonist, here it’s the legendary mercenary Silver Sable. Spider-Man is looking to step Hammerhead once and for all but Silver Sable wants more, she wants him dead for stealing her technology. As you might expect this leads to a lot of heated conversations between the 2 as Spider-Man tries to break down Silver Sable’s strong barriers and try to build a relationship with her.

Insomniac has done more in developing Silver Sable here. In the campaign, little information was provided about her but here the developers decided to flesh her out more. Motives, drive, and more are provided that made me, who wasn’t a fan of her in the campaign, see her in a different light. It gives more to Sable’s personality than an elite warrior and gun for hire, she has people she cares about and willing to do whatever it takes to protect them.

Similarly Strong and Weak

Much of the excitement of Silver Lining comes from the story. You’ll enter a variety of new locations and end with an epic boss battle. This is where Silver Lining excels but everything else is hit or miss

Much of the DLC focuses on tedious collecting and challenge missions players should be familiar with. While one, in particular, gives backstory into a critical character the other to fall short. The one involving Screwball is particularly disappointing has it had a lot of promise to end with a dramatic finale.

The desire to collect items and finish the trials was overshadowed by the strong gameplay. However, after 2 DLCs and a full campaign of performing these tasks begin to get stale and eventually annoying as you travel back and fourth throughout the city or take on waves of increasingly harder enemies over and over again.

Something Great is Coming

Silver Lining signifies the end of something great but also the beginning of something new. The story offers a bridge between this game and the next by providing profound conclusions to various characters while also leaving some cliffhangers open for future developments. The tedious collecting and oversaturation of challenge missions can become frustrating but if you’re a fan of Marvel’s Spider-Man Silver Living will not only provide a satisfying ending but have you excited for the future of this series.

Marvel's Spider-Man CTNS Silver Lining
  • Bridges to Sequels
  • More Information on Silver Sable
  • Excellent Final boss
  • Lots of Tedious Collecting
  • More Challenge Missions than Main Missions
8.5Overall Score
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