Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is coming, bringing together characters from all corners of the Marvel universe into one beat-’em-up experience.

This is the first new title for the series in about 10 years, and it’s apparently coming as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. A Tweet from Geoff Keighly confirms the developer as Team Ninja.

You’ll be able to assemble the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Inhumans, and the X-Men for one big superhero co-op outing. Both online and offline co-op will be available. You can pass the Joy-Cons for co-op, and with one extra set, you can enjoy four-player co-op. The official YouTube video’s description also mentions an “over-the-shoulder “Heroic Camera” perspective,” a new POV to enjoy the gameplay from.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Black Order will release in 2019 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.