Not too long ago the beta for Last Year: The Nightmare had players captivated and when it ended players craved a return to the nightmare. On December 18th, players will finally get to experience Last Year: The Nightmare in all its’ glory as it is finally released via the Discord store.

Console fans of the game will have to wait a little longer as the team at Elastic Games states the console variant will be live in 2019.

Not only does the game boast a unique version of the 6 player formula, as I understand it the players controlling survivors have to face the solo killer but the killer gets several murderers to cycle through as they are stopped.

Alongside all of that the game boasts a top tier level voice cast featuring the likes of Melissa Hutchison (known from Telltale’s The Walking Dead), Ray Chase from Final Fantasy XV and Michael Johnston from Teen Wolf. The team also promises unlimited replay-ability and regular updates to “keep the experience fresh”.

Look for Last Year: The Nightmare on Discord in just a few weeks, December 18, 2018, for 29.99 USD.


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