Well, I don’t think anyone saw THIS coming. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts from Persona 5 hijacked The Game Awards 2018 stream to make a surprise announcement. It wasn’t for Persona Q2, the Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, or a new Persona fighter– it was a Super Smash Bros. character trailer.

Joker from Persona 5 is coming to join the fight. By his side will be his default Persona, Arsene. Together, they’ll be the first fighter of the planned DLC content.

No gameplay footage was revealed. We’ll have to wait for Nintendo to officially reveal how he and Arsene look in-game. However, we’d like to think that he’ll use summoning mechanics similar to the ones in Arc System Works’ Persona 4 Arena games.

Joker’s reveal is quite the wild card, no pun intended. Persona 5 was a PS4-exclusive. His only Nintendo console appearance was the 3DS’s Persona Q2, a series spin-off. However, Atlus has had a long history with Nintendo, especially with the greater Shin Megami Tensei series as a whole. His appearance perhaps represents SMT in general for the Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases today. The first DLC fighter, Piranha Plant, will be free to players who purchase the game before January 31. Both Piranha Plant and Joker will be available at later unannounced dates.