Marvel’s Spider-Man is regarded as one of the best games of 2018, in both sales and critical acclaim. After the game went gold Insomniac was working on post-launch content that included free DLC such as New Game Plus and paid DLC in the form of The City that Never Sleeps campaign. Recently, Insomniac Released the final episode in the campaign, Silver Linings, and gave the last free DLC the Sam Raimi Spider-Man suit from the 2002 trilogy. While many, like myself, loved the DLC some fans were not too happy with some vocal minorities accusing Insomniac of withholding content.

Community Manager James Stevenson took a brunt of the backlash responding to those who complained about the DLC. Some were vocal about the suit and others were annoyed about the DLC.

Back in August 28th, reviews copies of the game were already shipped and Insomniac confirmed that DLC was already in the works. So it makes the argument that The City that Never Sleeps campaign as withheld content mute.

In addition, developing content after the game has gone gold isn’t new. Developers have gone the extra mile to release free content in the form of “Live-services” as well to keep their titles alive. For those who played The City that Never Sleeps it serves as not only a post-campaign to the core adventure but also bridges this game to the eventual sequel.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is now available for PS4. Check out our review of the core campaign here and The City that Never Sleeps here.