The theme park map on Overwatch, Blizzard World, is temporarily out of the lineup. This comes after it trapped players inside the spawn room. The Winer Wonderland kicked off on Tuesday and many players were not able to frolic in the festive arena, and instead were trapped in spawn room jail. Other players couldn’t move the payload.

The glitch with the spawn room jail was happening enough that Blizzard shut the map down. “Due to the impact of this issue, we have temporarily disabled Blizzard World in all regions on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One while we troubleshoot,” read the forum announcement. “We don’t have an ETA to share right now for when Blizzard World will again be playable, but this is currently our top priority and we will be sure to provide updates in this thread and on Twitter via @BlizzardCS as they become available.”

It’s not just Quick Play and Competitive modes where the map is gone; it’s also out of the arcade modes. That includes No Limits and Mystery Heroes, according to an announcement on Twitter. Players first reported the problems with the payload not moving on Reddit. It appears as if the game thinks that the payload is contested near the entrance, even if the enemy team isn’t there. This issue has not yet been addressed by Blizzard.

When is Blizzard World expected to be back?

There is no official word from Blizzard on when the map is expected to be back. There is some speculation that it will be fixed towards the end of the winter event. 

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