Since its launch Overkill’s The Walking Dead has faced a lot of bumps from critics and gamers due to the game’s technical issues and gameplay fumbles. Now it would seem that sales are not what was expected and Starbreeze is cutting cost.

First reported on Gamasutra, Starbreeze CFO Sebastian Ahlskog explains,

“We have initiated a review of our costs to ensure better alignment with our revenues. We are designing a program towards that end, naturally while keeping a careful eye on revenue development. We must focus on our core business and ensure delivery of the company’s important games.”

Starbreeze Chairman Michael Hjorth explained that the title does have a base concurrent player count that that framework is the future of their “Games as a Service” concept. With the team working on season 2 along with improvements.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead is now available for PC and will launch on Xbox One and PS4 this February 2019. Check out our review here.