Final Fantasy XV has reached its 2-year anniversary and with that Square Enix decided to release some special content for fans. Included are special concept art depicted King Regis and Noctis, exclusive wallpapers, and a special video from the English voice actors.

The concept art will definitely be more appealing to fans of the title. It shows off both Noctis and King Regis is never before situations where the exchange profound looks. It also depicts the 2 in heartbreaking situations, seeing that they wanted to spend what remains of their life with each other.

Yuuki Matsuzawa gives more context into each image. Providing details of what each image conveys and how both Noctis and Regis felt for one another such as generational changes and personal thoughts for one another.

The English voice actors of Final Fantasy XV  provided their own thank you for fans of the games but some decided to record vertically, which is a sin that is rarely forgiven.

As a long time fan of Final Fantasy Final Fantasy XV is one of my favorite titles of all time. For its focus on character development, intense active combat, and excellent boss battles it remains one of my favorite titles this generation. Despite the cancelation of all future content, the exception being episode Ardyn.

Final Fantasy XV is now available for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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