Sony has made the decision to skip out of E3 2019 serving a blow to the event.

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) confirmed Sony’s departure from the event. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise for many as there has been a recent trend of companies choosing to host their own events around E3 but not having a presence on the E3 show floor. Companies like Electronic Arts has an event prior to E3 and Microsoft rented LA Live last year to host it’s own event. However, Sony took up quite a bit of space at the event which will leave a hole on the E3 floor to fill.

With the gaming space becoming flooding with conventions, trade shows, esports events and more, the competition is stiff for E3 and companies are looking at better ways to spread their budget. With E3 becoming open to the public the event doesn’t hold the same significance and value, it is no longer the one singular event for gaming and developers are finding new and creative ways to reach their audience. With the price of show floor space going up, other conventions to participate in and the event being open to the public there is little reason for large companies to promise their spot at the event. How this will unfold is yet to be seen but it will be interesting to see if any other companies will choose to opt out as well.


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