Red Dead Redemption 2 has 10 rock carvings that much be collected for the 100% completion guide. To begin the mission you must find Francis Sinclair, located north-west of Strawberry.

Craving 1 is located on top of Mount Hagan. Just follow the path to the waypoint.

Craving 2 by the Branite Pass. Head to the bridge, on the upper left side of the river is the craving.

Craving 3 is located west of Fort Wallace on top of a hill. Head to the top and locate the bridge Arthur and John destroyed during the campaign. Hug the edge and go left until you head down a slope. On the left side should be the craving.

This one is a bit harder. Head to the location below, you should find a hill. Head to the top, on the side facing Fort Wallace there should be a gap between 2 small slopes that lead down. Head down and on the left wall should be the craving.

This one is much easier. Head to this location marked below and you should see the craving next to a patch of flowers.

This craving is just off the road. On the right side on the hill is the craving.

Head to Elysian Pool and from the location on the image below look opposite of the lake. You should see a cliff, one the left cliff is the craving.

Next Craving is located by Flatneck Station. Head a bit north towards a small cliff and you’ll find the craving on the ledge.

Next craving is on top of a cliff east of Hawk’s Eye Creek. If you have the Giant’s location, just head there. From the marked location head down the slope, you should have the corpse of a giant. Continue down and you’ll find the drawing on the left upper side of the mountain.

Next craving is very easy to find. Just head to the marked location Qwanjila lake and you’ll find the craving.

That’s all the cravings. Now head to the post office and send the coordinates to Sinclair and wait 48 hours, sleeping is the best way to pass the time. After, head back to the post office to receive a letter from Sinclair and head back to the house. It’s here you’ll find out the truth.

Sinclair is apparently a time traveler and has been using the cravings as portals to other time periods, if you look close each craving represents a different period. Upon your arrival you see Sinclair as a baby, meaning that he has been trying to leave this period but need your help to do so.

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