Marvel’s Spider-Man is one of the best games of this year and the first part of the DLC expansion, The City that Never Sleeps, gave players the chance to team up with the deceptive and lovely Black Cat. After ending with a massive bang the first part set up the expansive campaign that is to come. Turf Wars is the second part of this 3 part campaign and while it doesn’t have the charm of Black Cat it delivers a solid penultimate episode that focuses on another important woman in Spider-Man’s life, and it’s not Mary Jane.

Yuri Finally Steps into the Spotlight

Turf Wars takes place after the events of The Heist, with Spider-Man and Yuri waist deep in criminal activity with Hammerhead trying to take over the entire Maggia family through whatever means. What follows is a series of stealth and combat missions that rarely deviate from the established formula.

Yuri and Spider-Man take charge here and much of the spotlight is focused on their relationship. The core campaign didn’t really touch on their relationship, only focusing on the professional side with the occasional joke that showcases that both see each other as more than work friends. Here we get to see a different side of Yuri and one Spider-Man hopes save before she falls down a hole she can never climb out of.

What is a bit odd is Spider-Man not being phased when encountering Hammerhead. Considering that the events of the previous episode if anyone should have a vendetta against the mob boss its Spider-Man.

Spider Size Changes

Much of the gameplay doesn’t change. A new enemy is introduced, a variant of the shielded enemy that can dash forward, perform uppercuts, and leaves behind energy pools that disrupt Spider-Man’s gadgets. Insomniac has also turned up the difficulty in this DLC, with much more heavy and powerful enemies mixed together with a lot more cannon fodder enemies.

There are more challenges and criminal activities to take part in. Screwball returns for more of her dangerous challenges populated by her misguided fans and Insomniac have added new criminal activities to take part in. These aren’t massive additions but do add an additional 2 hours to the 1-hour campaign.

Insomniac Sets it Up, Time to Bring it Home

Turf Wars may not have the charm of Black Cat but having Yuri finally set foot into the spotlight is a refreshing take. Those who read the prequel novel to Marvel’s Spider-Man will know how far Yuri and Spider-Man go and how much they’ve been through, and Turf Wars changes all that in 1 hour. It’s an excellent penultimate ending to The City that Never Sleeps, the only terrible part is waiting to see how it all ends.

Marvel's Spider-Man CTNS Turf Wars Review
The Good
  • More Yuri
  • New Enemy Type
  • Sets Up the Finale Well
The Bad
  • Have to Wait for Episode 3
  • Very Short
  • More Repetitive Tasks
8Overall Score
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