Hitman 2 is more of a second season of the 2016 revival than a full sequel. IO Interactive has taken many of the same mechanics found in the first season of Hitman and used them here but with all new sandbox stages with loads of new unrestricted paths. Those hoping for more of a story focused Hitman will find this latest installment lacking. Hitman 2 provides the same stellar sandbox experience of the previous title that will appeal to both veterans and newcomers alike.

There’s a Story?

Hitman 2 has players taking control of Agent 47 as he ventures to 6 new locations in search of specific targets. The story loosely connects Agent 47 and his handler Diana’s reasons for being at the specific area but nothing substantial is provided as the story progresses. You get a short summary of who your target is and how to kill them but it’s nothing substantial. Instead, much of the appeal of Hitman 2 comes from the gameplay.

Learn, Manipulate, and Improve

Each location is rooted in realism, with IO Interactive taking the time to ensure each of the 6 locations feel like believable areas. Whether it’s a race track with hundreds of fans and staff or an offshore island owned by a wealthy individual. All of them look incredible and house a wide range of NPCs unique to that location.

The levels themselves offer a broad array of optional paths, timed opportunities, and secluded areas that the player can take advantage of. It’s up to you to find all the possibilities available and discover how to take benefit from them. There is no one way to kill your target but most of these choices are clocked, once the moment has passed it’s lost forever. IO Interactive has also taken a minimalist approach to the tools available, instead, having the player rely on the items available in the stage instead of giving the player a large pool of accessories to choose from. On the easier difficulties saving is ample and you can manually save at any time but on the hardest option autosaves are turned off and you’re limited to 1 save.

You can manipulate the A.I. very easily use classic methods of distraction. You can lure an NPC to a secluded area, kill them, and dump the body with ease but this breaks the experience. The true thrill comes from manipulating the A.I. to follow a set of predetermined instructions, set by you, to execute a plan flawlessly. However, it’s not enough to kill your target, you must escape successfully to complete the mission. Certain exit points are only accessible using specific methods like a unique disguise, meaning that without an escape plan your entire mission can result in failure at the very end.

Each level ends with a point system that tracks how well you performed. The goal is to maximize your points and share it with other players to showcase your superiority. Constantly thriving for better scores and time is what Hitman 2 is all about. Eventually, you begin to learn the patterns and options of each stage the more you play.

Like the previous game, Hitman 2 will feature content updates including elusive targets only available for a limited of time. This live service approach has already been a popular feature for many fans of the first season and IO Interactive has already confirmed the first target as Sean Bean.

Shoot and Kill Together as a Team or Alone

Multiplayer is available for those who enjoy competition. Sniper Assassin returns and has up to 2 players taking down specific targets using a scoped rifle. You can unlock customization items and synchronizing your shots with a friend is entertaining but it’s not for everyone.

The other multiplayer options is Ghost mode. This 1v1 mode has 2 players competing to kill a specific target first. The first one to kill the target unnoticed gets a point. However, if the opposing player is able to kill the target within 20 seconds of the initial kill you can rob the point. You cannot interact with the opposing player but can see them, allowing you to witness the others actions during the match.

Both multiplayer modes are serviceable, offering both a cooperative and competitive option for players seeking to play with others outside the leaderboard system. Both function well and offer enough unlockables to keep players hooked.

Hitman Season 2

Hitman 2 serves the same experience from the 2016 title with new stages. Those who enjoyed the first season will find a lot more to love here, especially since it’s all out in one package instead of episodic content. The story is limited but the main attraction here is becoming the best assassin possible by learning the stage and executing a perfect plan. Hitman 2 is more of what players loved about the first game.

Hitman 2 Review
The Good
  • Sandbox Stages
  • Lots of Options
  • Lots of Replayability
The Bad
  • Lack of a Story
  • Easily Manipulated NPCs
  • More of an Expansion
8.5Overall Score
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