From Software is notorious for hiding hidden secrets within their massive and rich world spaces lying in wait for the unsuspecting player.  Some of their most iconic scenes and emotes have appeared on countless other titles ranging from Destiny to Mirror’s Edge. Their most recent VR Enterprise, Deracine, may have gone one step further possibly revealing a sequel to Bloodborne.

Amazing Komaru over at Fextralife has been able to deduce quite a bit from a puzzling encounter within Deracine. This is all starts with a Doll that if approached can be interacted with by players. From the looks of doll, we already get a sense of Bloodborne and if that wasn’t enough, the doll also uses the Make Contact gesture which practically screams Bloodborne to fans of the game. Finally and most revealing is the description on the doll which reads, “A doll of the stone girl Fiona who appears in the unfinished tale. When a person has a bad dream, Fiona appears and helps them flee.” 

The teaser for Bloodborne 2 is quite clear here. If Bloodborne is an unfinished tale then there has to be a sequel in the works to finish the story. Unfortunately, this is far from a confirmation that Bloodborne 2 is in development, so all we can do for now is load up our guns, polish our scythes, and pray for the best.

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