Toby Fox dropped a demo for Deltarune, a game with intriguing ties to Undertale, a few days ago. Yet in that time, it’s left Undertale fans with tons of questions and many wanting to play more. After the demo’s initial spoiler embargo, Toby Fox posted a development blog of sorts that addressed questions about the game and its development process.

Creating the demo took him a few years to complete. At the time he had first written this blog, October 4, he had just wrapped up this first chapter. Though, don’t expect much more. When addressing progress on the rest of the game, he answered “0%!!! Nothing!!! I’ve done nothing!!!”

Deltarune has proven to be a far more challenging undertaking for him than Undertale‘s development. Toby Fox points out that if he and Temmie Chang develop this game alone as with Undertale, finishing the game would be impossible. Here’s a few reasons he cites.

– The graphics are much more complicated and don’t play to my strengths (black and white battle graphics were easy…)
– The battle system is much more complicated due to multiple characters (I’ll write about this later)
– The overworld and other sections are more complicated due to multiple characters
– Having multiple main characters is much harder to write especially introducing everyone properly in chapter 1
– The entire town had to be created correctly on the first try to set up properly for the rest of the game

And further things outside of those:
– Trouble starting tasks/concentrating and general difficulty paying attention
– Travelling / other responsibilities like translation/ports
– Self-doubt / burnout regarding the creation of the game

To do so, he writes that he’ll need a full team to do this project. “Since I haven’t started assembling the team yet I have absolutely no estimation of its completion. It could take up to 999 years depending on the efficiency level,” he writes.

He’s not particularly thinking about the game’s platforms, either. For all he or we know, development could wrap up by the time a PlayStation 14 exists. Though, we’re positive it can’t possibly be that long.

Deltarune is currently available for PC. You can download it here.

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