To say that Diablo Immortal has gotten mixed reception would be an understatement. The community is really not into the idea of it. Currently, the game’s reveal trailer has 15,000 Likes against 419,000 Dislikes. It’s a feat only rivaled by perhaps the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare reveal.

Now, Blizzard has issued a response. According to an VG247 interview with Wyatt Cheng, the lead designer of Diablo Immortal; the negative fan reaction is “totally understandable.”

We were talking earlier today about how a large group of the Diablo community are PC gamers, and they came to Blizzard through PC, and they love the PC platform, and we love it too. I think if you came to BlizzCon expecting and hoping for a PC announcement, and you don’t play mobile games at all, you’d be ‘oh, that’s not what I asked for, and this doesn’t do anything for me,’ I think it’s okay for people to be sceptical.

I think scepticism is very healthy. I think intellectual curiosity is rooted in scepticism, but when we show people the game, and people get their hands on it, play it, many people who are sceptical kind of go ‘oh, well this is actually quite fun.’

It’s good to know that Blizzard has taken the news somewhat well. For now, the developers at Blizzard and Netease seem to have a lot of faith that this mobile title will deliver for Blizzard fans. They’re very hopeful that gamers will be open to it and give it a try after all.

Diablo Immortal is in development for iOS and Android devices. You can pre-register on the official page now.

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