The Battlefield franchise is notorious for delivering incredible large scale fights and destructive environments. Battlefield V provides small refinements, incredible maps, and lots of customization options. It’s a shame that the single-player doesn’t share the same quality, instead focusing heavily on stealth-based mechanics and generic characters. Battlefield V is a multiplayer title that exceeds at massive battles and intricate levels where each player has a role to play if you hope to win.

More Sneaking in Battlefield!?

Battlefield V’s single-player is separated into 3 campaigns called War Stories, with the fourth coming later in December. The beginning tutorial opens to a set of grand battles where you take part in large fights as part of this army but quickly takes a nosedive from there. Afterward, you take control of 3 separate characters, each with their story.

Players take control of a convict who is given the choice to join the army to serve prison time, a freedom fighter in Norway, and a black French soldier seeking to prove himself and his people’s worth. Each of the cutscenes is beautifully decorated but the stories don’t share the same degree. The writers attempted for you to feel something for these characters but they ultimately fall short thanks to the frustrating and tedious gameplay.

Each campaign is separated into 3 acts, with most of the campaigns focusing on sneaking. This was an average mechanic introduced in Battlefield 1’s campaign but here the developers decided to not improve on the system but make it harder. Enemies can spot you with perfect accuracy unless you’re prone and fully covered. Stealth is optional but enemies are gifted with near-perfect accuracy, able to shoot automatic weapons like their sniper rifles from across the map. On hardcore mode, be prepared for a lot of cheap deaths.

You can return for collectibles but seeing that the third campaign but you’ll probably encounter a lot more issues. During my playthrough, I encountered several graphical issues, some of which prevented me from continuing and forcing me to restart the entire mission. Each campaign is about 1 hour long but having to restart to the beginning due to a glitch is vexing.

The developers did try to mix things up by providing open world segments and a specific mission where you had to keep warm by reaching fires but the same issues kept popping up. Enemies with hawk-like eyes spotting me from absurd distances then taking me down with insane accuracy. What worse is that enemies can knock you to the floor if you get to close, making melee combat worthless unless it’s for stealth kills.

Large-Scale Destructive Combat

Multiplayer serves as Battlefield V’s best feature. Unlike Battlefield 1 there are a lot more weapons and unlockables from the start. Players can choose 1 of 4 classes that include assault, scout, medic, and engineer; each with their own progression tree. Weapons and vehicles also have their own trees with weapons now linked to a specific line of upgrades where players choose 4 of 8 skills for that specific weapon or vehicle. You can customize the weapon for different paint jobs using coins you’ve earned from assignments and can even change your avatar to look the way you want.

There’s a lot of options to suit your playstyle and fortunately earning all those upgrades is just as fun. Battlefield V’s 8 maps provide intricate pathways throughout each of the areas that make for great places to flank enemies but its just as easy to get ambushed. You can choose from 3 modes, with the largest modes being Conquest and Grand Operations.

These modes have 2 teams of 32 players duking it out in large-scale warfare. Everything runs and moves smoothly, with the exception of climbing which requires a lot of time to get used to. Conquest is the same, with teams competing for specific nodes on the map while killing the opposing team; first time to lose all their tickets win. With so many players coupled with airplanes and vehicles this mode, despite being over 10 minutes to complete a single match, can become a nightmare of tense moments as you try to stay alive.

Grand Operations is the biggest mode where 2 teams compete in a series of 3 modes on 3 maps. A combination of Rush and Conquest are provided as both teams try to pull and repel the opposite team. It’s an incredible mode but unfortunately, Rush isn’t available outside this option.

The other option is a 32 player mode called Infantry where players get to participate in a cycle of Team Deathmatch, Frontlines, and Domination. It’s a lot less hectic than the previously stated modes and serves as an excellent introduction for those who feel overwhelmed with the larger modes. Just don’t quit out early, Battlefield V has incredibly long load times.

Destruction and Fortifications

Like past entries, the destruction in Battlefield V is just as amazing but toned down from Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1. Players won’t find zeppelins crashing into the environment or skyscrapers falling but instead, Battlefield V introduces fortification building. Players can now build barriers and barbed wire blockades to prevent players from passing through.

This new system, if properly utilized, can forced enemy players from specific points and offer extra defenses. You can’t build everywhere and can only create in specific locations, but there are so many it’s hard to complain. It adds another element that players will have to contend with, making high explosives much more valuable in this game than ever before since these fortications can withstand bullets easily.

Work Together or You’ll Never Make It

Battlefield V once again places a lot of emphasis on teamwork. Players in squads earn more points for working together and now the squad leader plays a bigger role. By earning points together the squad can call in supplies and unique strikes. These new incentives provide not only extra rewards for working together but also helpful options for the entire team.

For the Multiplayer

Battlefield V is meant to be played online and while the single-player is satisfactory its dwarfed by the multiplayer portion. It’s unfortunate considering that Battlefield 1’s campaign did provide some exciting moments to see Battlefield V’s single-player fumble so much. However, the insane amount of collectables and unlockables means you’ll end up playing for weeks to get everything and have a blast doing so. Battlefield V is more of the same great experience that made this franchise such an amazing hit.

Battlefield V Review
  • Large Scale Multiplayer Battles
  • Lots of Customization
  • Addicting Multiplayer
  • Heavy Focus on Stealth for Single-Player
  • Glitches and Bugs
  • Long Load Times
8Overall Score
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